Juliana Landis

Beauty Expert

How to get Nice feet and Toenails?
Pedicure is a personal care routine many people often overlook. Do not forget that toenails are also one of the strong points of the beauty of women. So, how to get nice feet and toenails? With the following simple ways, you will have lovely and perfect feet than ever. Things you need to get nice […]
Care Hands and Feet Skin
You want to wear a sexy dress but you are afraid of uneven skin color? Spend about 15-20 minutes a day on hand and foot skin, the situation will be different! Most women spend a lot of time on their faces, lips and hair forgetting their hands and feet too. Meanwhile, the skin in the hands […]
How Often Should a Deep Conditioner Be Used?
Deep conditioning is necessary for hair as we all pollution is increasing rapidly; due to this, the dirt particles can easily be stuck on to our hair. Specifically, females are longer and heavier comparatively than male’s hair, so they need to do deep conditioning their often. But now you must be wondering how many times […]
Can I Use Body Lotion During Pregnancy
Lots of changes occur during the time of pregnancy particularly on the skin. Some changes are great such as glowing skin, soft and smoothie texture on the layer of skin but some may not be good and they smash the total appearance of a woman. Such issues may be like stretch marks, dark circles and […]
How do I exfoliate?
For better skin, you need to exfoliate skin daily. It is an important thing to do for better glowing and healthy skin. Everyone exfoliates differently, as the skin of men and women is different, so the repetition of the exfoliation is also varied. In this article, we are discussing how you should exfoliate and can […]
Our Certain Habits You Do Not Want to Do With Your Beard
  No man wants to be the guy that has the ugly beard. You know the one with the bad patches, beard style, or color. Men strive to be the best at everything that they do. Including, having a ok appearance on the outside. It’s hard for man to tell he has an ok appearance, […]
Treating Melasma Is Not Too Hard
You must spend a lot of time in the Sun, because that is where someone gets melasma from. Melasma is nothing you need to worry about on a large scale. It is mainly a brown spot here and there. In detail, external sun rays beam on your skin and cause a slight color distortion. You […]
How you prepare your face and complete your shave can help an effect on why you have tight or dry skin. We men have to get up most days and get a full shave. Some of us, shave with the proper set up and procedure, while others rely on their own sense to get the […]