Our Certain Habits You Do Not Want to Do With Your Beard

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No man wants to be the guy that has the ugly beard. You know the one with the bad patches, beard style, or color. Men strive to be the best at everything that they do. Including, having a ok appearance on the outside. It’s hard for man to tell he has an ok appearance, if his buddies are saying about his beard many times. If one person say it, then its probably not true. But, If multiple people say it then, a man has to question whether he is doing the right thing to himself. Don’t be the guy with the ugly beard. Add the best supplement and vitamin for beard growth to your daily activities. Force yourself to grow a beard. Try anything to increase the look of your face. You should always try to look best even if odds are against you with a beard. Here are some tips you can follow below.

Party a Little Bit

It’s ok to go partying, but don’t go doing it every day. Parties make a man lazy and create a thought that goes along with “forget cleaning my beard.” It’s that lingering thought I had every time I got drunk on some light beer. I would have the thought of cleaning my beard and assume it can wait. Well, your always going to say that when your drunk. Don’t make the same mistake I made. Learn from me and party less each month. I know you won’t feel like your enjoying life, if your not really drunk every week. But, there are times you need to do other things besides having fun. Take care of your beard and spend less time out there. Yeah, it’s a lot of fun to be out there with your friends and having a good time. I wish I was out there too from time to time. But, my beard is not going to get better. You know there is more important things you should be doing to take care of yourself. I don’t need to say more.

Go to the Gym and Work Those Muscles

Working out helps you beard grow too. Head out to the gym each week when you can. Lift up those dumb bells and work out each muscle in biceps and triceps. Lifting is tiring and little frustrating. Yeah, we all feel like we should skip a month and so forth. Work already makes us tired with the same routine for 5 days. But, you got to focus on working out to build up the testosterone. Testosterone helps your beard grow faster. Scientist have found a common connection between testosterone and beard growth. It amplifies the patches on your face and makes your beard want to grow. Does that sound good to you? Make the effort and work out on the weekends. Atleast, work out once a week. Even a little work helps beard growth.

Shower Your Body

Take a shower every day to grow a descent beard. Afterwards, consume the best supplement and vitamin for beard growth that you can find on the market. Doubling your chances of growing more hair on that face. Beards need to be washed. Beards can get very itchy. This attracts more bacteria to your beard hair roots. Prevent this bacteria from making your beard itchy and preventing your beard from growing properly. Use beard shampoo that works well on getting rid of dandruff. Make sure the beard shampoo is also scent free to increase potency. I know this seems like a complete waste of time and you should use regular shampoo. Though, your beard hair is not like the hair on your head. You need to take that into consideration.

Treating Melasma Is Not Too Hard

You must spend a lot of time in the Sun, because that is where someone gets melasma from. Melasma is nothing you need to worry about on a large scale. It is mainly a brown spot here and there. In detail, external sun rays beam on your skin and cause a slight color distortion. You will look in the mirror and notice your face or body color unbalanced. If you don’t like the new suntan look, all you have to do is apply the best skin lightening cream for melasma to get body back to normal. Avoiding the Sun would help too. More details on treating melasma below.

Stop Taking Birth Control Pills

I know you like getting freaky with those birth control pills, but doctors say you should stop taking them to avoid getting a distortion in skin color. The feeling you get from sex with no condom is like fire, water, and air. You don’t want to give up that feeling and I understand how you feel. In spite of that, you must stop taking the birth pills to stop your skin from looking like a dog. If you like having some spots on your face, then ignore what I just said. But, its a hard choice to make and I completely understand if your not willing to give up to the birth control pills to stop having unbalanced skin color.

Put Lightening Cream On Your Unbalanced Skin

Alternative number 2 would be applying lightening cream on your unbalanced skin. The cream will make the uneven color look like the majority of your face. Get your fingers and dig into the cream. Then, put the cream on the exposed area. Cover the entire area and wait. Wait about 15 minutes to an hour. This would be something I suggest you do at night. In the day you got some many things you got to do. Doing this at night would save you a lot of headache. Use the best skin lightening cream for melasma to get better performance. Better performance means faster time for the cream to work.

Take Tetinoin Medication

Not interested in option 1 and 2, then you can take tetinion pills to get your uneven skin colors to balance themselves. The pills increase the rate your dead skin cells fall off your face. Meaning, your face will have new skin on it a whole a lot faster. New skin is what you need to get rid of the burned skin that melasma caused. Take some tetinion each week and you should be see results on your skin soon. Very important, make sure you take a look at the instructions on the tetinion bottle to know how many pills you can take. Taking too many pills can cause you die. Too much healing power causes pain. The golden rule of any drug.

Shave Face the Easy Way by Following These Tips

How you prepare your face and complete your shave can help an effect on why you have tight or dry skin. We men have to get up most days and get a full shave. Some of us, shave with the proper set up and procedure, while others rely on their own sense to get the shave done. You can ignore your own intuition when it comes to shaving this time and learn the best way. Address your shaving problem with approaches that actually work below. Equip yourself with the best shaving gel for sensitive skin or whatever, and shave your face like its meant to be shaved.

Before You Stat Shaving

Washing your face would be the very first step for shaving. Wake up and head to the bathroom. Then turn the water on and put it on your face. Make sure the water spreads to all sides of the face. Wash the chin, cheeks, sideburns, forehead, neck and nose. It all needs to be cleansed and renewed.

Next, figure out if you have sensitive or normal skin. If you have a face with sensitive skin, you need to put dial soap mixed with water on your our face. It will loosen the facial hair on your face and make shaving easier. Using cold water makes the shaving process even smoother. If you still have shaving problems, you might need to use the best shaving gel for sensitive skin. Gel puts more lather on your face when you shave, and makes it easier for you to cut every little hair nick. Feel less pain when you use gel to shave than using soap mixed with water. Those of you with normal face skin can use whatever best shaving cream for sensitive skin you can find. People with normal skin tend to be able to use light shaving cream materials. You should have no trouble finding a good shaving productive to shave with. But, you need to make sure it actually works when you shave. The only way to know is to test.

When You Finish Shaving

Remember to add on some after shave lotion after you shave some days. Your face could dry out and make it harder for you to shave if you don’t. You don’t need to do this every day. Go 3 to 5 days without doing anything after you shave, but do it at least once a week to make sure the face is properly moisturized. It can seem like a little too much to do but you will have a properly hydrated face. Overall, using after shave lotion helps the face become smoother and helps you shave 2 times faster.