Can I Use Body Lotion During Pregnancy?

Can I Use Body Lotion During Pregnancy

Lots of changes occur during the time of pregnancy particularly on the skin. Some changes are great such as glowing skin, soft and smoothie texture on the layer of skin but some may not be good and they smash the total appearance of a woman. Such issues may be like stretch marks, dark circles and pimples and all these issues are naturally common during pregnancy. Depending upon the reaction of the skin towards unbreakable hormone surge which commonly occur at the time of pregnancy, a woman may wind up with greasy patches, stretch marks, dark spots, itching belly, uncountable sprouted moles and so on. Mostly many of the routine skin care products which are often used by women may suddenly turn harsh but there is no need to worry because all these changes will shrink away slowly after giving birth to a cute little baby.

Mean time it is also important to take care of the skin in order to avoid constant marks which may occur at certain conditions. Measures taken to protect the skin must be truly healthy and natural. It is because all the commonly used beauty products will surely have considerable amount of chemicals added to it and all such chemicals will be not good for both the new mom and the tiny fetus inside the womb. Not only before delivery, may it cause drastic effects even at the time of breast feeding. So, much care must be taken to avoid such bad effects and in order to make the selection process easy, here are certain guidelines which illustrate what ingredients containing creams must be avoided. Also few lotion and cream brands mentioned which are popularly sold in market and are truly best body lotion for pregnancy.

Can I Use Body Lotion During Pregnancy

Unsafe ingredients unsecure for pregnancy

Here are few ingredients which are utterly not good for women during pregnancy and strictly avoiding such skin lotions will lead to a safe fetus growth.

  • Retinoids
  • Tetracycline
  • Hydroquinone
  • Salicylic acid
  • Benzoyl peroxide

All these 5 ingredients are really hazardous when it used by a woman and so before purchasing a skin care product in market it is effective to go through the ingredients table. Thinking of pregnancy and taking it as a time to refresh the routine with fresh, natural and best skin care lotions especially produced to pamper pregnant woman for their changing skin will be exactly good.

Outstanding premium lotion especially for pregnant women

Skipping the daily skin care routine such as using lotions, creams and other beauty products will be an uncomfortable task for every woman. So, here are some specially designed skin care lotions and their benefits which are safe body lotions and moisturizers during pregnancy and can be used by both pregnant and normal woman.

Mommy Care Shapely Pregnancy Firming Lotion 100 ml

This Mommy care is a lotion which is exclusively designed for women as they are SLS/SLES Free, Mineral oil Free, Paraben Free, and Petrochemical Free. This lotion is rich in Avocado Oil and Shea Butter and these two ingredients permeate the surface layers of skin and on other hand it helps to moisturize and nourish the stretched skin which easily accelerates the fading procedure on the skin layer. So, this lotion will be truly the best body lotion for pregnancy.

Curel Life’s Stages Pregnancy & Motherhood Nuturing Comfort Moisture Cream

Meeting out the changing demands of the women’s at the time of pregnancy is the extraordinary benefit of using this cream because this cream is developed with OB/GYNs in order to address dry skin and stretch mark issues at the time of pregnancy.

Moraz Pregnancy Body Lotion by Moraz

The next suitable and best body lotion for pregnancy in our list will be Moraz because this cream is best for reacting against dryness, redness, irritations and stretch marks. Also this particular cream is stated as the best softening cream for women at their pregnancy time. It is merely a moisturizing body cream made with medicinal herbs and organic agents which helps to soften and nourish all parts of the body and so this will be one of the apt creams which leave the skin looking smoothie and glowing.

Mustela Stretch Mark Prevention Cream, for Pregnancy

Mustela is then lotion which is produced using Natural Avocado Peptide which is the important ingredient needed for the skin during pregnancy. Galactoarabinan another component in this cream (a patented component taken from Larch tree) helps to boost skin and collagen elasticity. Sea butter added to this cream helps in lasting moisture and hydration.

Tummy Butter Stretch Mark Prevention Cream

It is really good to take preventive measures to stop formation of stretch marks and so this will be the best cream which helps to keep the mama tummy always hydrated. Rich in vitamin E & essential fatty acids this natural Tummy Butter cream will help to fade & minimize stretch marks which slowly emerges after 13th week of pregnancy and it drenches the skin with moisture.

Shine so bright balm: Pampering the skin layers using this shine so bright balm will be the most effective measure which can be followed by woman during pregnancy. Organic cocoa butter, Calendula, botanical oils and other natural ingredients like jojoba and beswax are used to form an excellent stretch mark cream.

Finalized answer for the most obvious question

Many women who are pregnant will naturally have the doubt whether to use lotions and creams or not. The most obvious answer scrutinized from many researches is that using lotions and creams are not harmful but the thing is using the most apt cream is valuable.

Safe body lotions and moisturizers during pregnancy will not harm both new mamma and cute, tiny fetus. Whatever cream it might be, if applied on the skin layer will penetrate deep into the blood stream and keeping this in mind measures must be taken in choosing the appropriate and best body lotion for pregnancy. Actually the beneficial tasks performed by the lotions are they keep the skin hydrated, they increase the moisture content and increase the glowing effect in the skin. During pregnancy women take more fruits and vegetables and along with that it will be fine to use natural and organic creams. Keeping the skin glowing and fresh is also possible during pregnancy while using safest lotions and creams in market.