How to get Nice feet and Toenails?

How to get Nice feet and Toenails?

Pedicure is a personal care routine many people often overlook. Do not forget that toenails are also one of the strong points of the beauty of women. So, how to get nice feet and toenails? With the following simple ways, you will have lovely and perfect feet than ever.

Things you need to get nice feet and toenails

How to get Nice feet and Toenails?

Toenails are like our hair, and it is made up of a component called keratin. Keratin is the main structural material that makes up the outer layers of human skin. It is an important structural component of hair, nails, and toenails. Our nails are constantly exposed to chemicals, dirt, or UV rays that will make nails become dull, weak, and brittle. This will lose the aesthetics, thereby making you lose confidence. To overcome this situation, you should take care of your nails regularly to be beautiful in the eyes of others.

Wearing open-toed shoes that have dirt, toenails, fungus, and lumps is not aesthetically pleasing. So, quickly learn the following tips to make your toenails clean, pink, and white to be more confident.

Keep your feet and toenails dry

To minimize the dirt, microorganisms sticking inside the nail, and to avoid creating an environment for bacteria, keep your toenails dry. After taking a shower or going to places such as raining roads, ponds, fields, ditches, you should wash your feet and dry.

Clean excess skin around the nail regularly

The excess skin around the pedicure is less beautiful, but it is also an “ideal” environment for microorganisms’ growth. So you need to clean this area regularly.

However, before removing excess skin around the nail, you need to use lotion or massage oil to soften the skin. If you do not have a specialized cream, you can soak feet for 5-10 minutes to soften skin, it will avoid skin damage as well as bleeding during cutting.

File the nail format carefully

Remember to file your toenails often every 4 days. In this way, your toenails will never be too sharp, too long, or have an ugly shape.

You need to format the tip of the nail you want to (round or square), so use a nail file with a sandpaper surface to format the nails.

Note: When filing, you should file slowly, not too fast and not in many different directions. Also, file from the middle of the nail and then cross to the two sides, so nail format is easier and more convenient.

Cut your toenails once a week

Your toenails should be trimmed neatly at the tips of your toes once a week. However, do not trim your toenails too short as they can cause injury and bleeding.

Also, do not leave your toenails long because you will face the risk of ingrown toenails. This not only hurts but also feels annoying when you wear shoes.

Do not change nail polish too often

Both nail polish and nail cleanser, if used regularly, are not good for toenails, easy to dry, brittle, damaged. Therefore, you should not change your nail polish often, and normally you should paint with lotion, when partying or having a job, you can paint on the nail.

How to get Nice feet and Toenails?

You should only paint the color 1-2 times in a month, do not change the color constantly.

Nail care periodically

Want to limit the situation of brittle nails; you should soak your nails in pure olive oil for 10-15 minutes. Do this two times a week. Your nails will become stronger, softer, and more beautiful.

In addition to olive oil, you can also soak your nails in a mixture of salt, lemon juice, then remember to massage your nails, using oil.

Consume many foods containing vitamins and biotin

To have healthy, shiny, and less scratched toenails, you should nourish the nail from the inside. For this, you need to take many good nutrients for nails such as vitamin A, vitamin C, Biotin, Calcium, etc.

These nutrients are abundant in foods such as eggs, liver, fresh avocado, whole rice, cauliflower, oranges, tangerines, papaya, etc. You should be flexible to change the daily menu with these foods to get more beautiful nails.

Drink a lot of water

Drinking plenty of water is not only good for your health but also keeps your nails from drying out, and limiting damage. So, do not be lazy to drink water, maintain the day 1.8 – 2 liters/day, your nails will be more beautiful each day.

Feet and Nails massage

The pedicure massage improves blood circulation and stimulates nail growth. So nail massage is essential.

Pedicure massage is very simple; you just massage the claw and toenail, but before massage should wash your feet properly.

How to get Nice feet and Toenails?

Use feet and toenails cream

The best types of nail cream are creams with lemon and honey extracts, they contain many nutrients and vitamins. This helps to nourish the epidermis and treat nail damage.

When applying the cream, you should apply to the nail and around the nail before going to bed. The gentle application of the cream penetrates the cream deeply.

How to take care of damaged nails

– Do not paint nails, if necessary, only choose good paints to protect the nails. It is best to apply only one layer of nail polish.

– Limit the use of nail polish remover, which causes dryness and damage to nails.

– Use nail cream every night with honey and lemon extracts to nourish damaged nail cuticles.

– When doing housework, wear gloves so that the skin of hands and nails will be better protected.

– Provides essential nutrients for healthy, shiny nails.

– Use some healthy nail masks such as aloe vera, lemon juice and sugar, olive oil, beeswax, and egg yolk, etc.

Take care of your toenails regularly.