Treating Melasma Is Not Too Hard

Treating Melasma Is Not Too Hard

You must spend a lot of time in the Sun, because that is where someone gets melasma from. Melasma is nothing you need to worry about on a large scale. It is mainly a brown spot here and there. In detail, external sun rays beam on your skin and cause a slight color distortion. You will look in the mirror and notice your face or body color unbalanced. If you don’t like the new suntan look, all you have to do is apply the best skin lightening cream for melasma to get body back to normal. Avoiding the Sun would help too. More details on treating melasma below.

Stop Taking Birth Control Pills

I know you like getting freaky with those birth control pills, but doctors say you should stop taking them to avoid getting a distortion in skin color. The feeling you get from sex with no condom is like fire, water, and air. You don’t want to give up that feeling and I understand how you feel. In spite of that, you must stop taking the birth pills to stop your skin from looking like a dog. If you like having some spots on your face, then ignore what I just said. But, its a hard choice to make and I completely understand if your not willing to give up to the birth control pills to stop having unbalanced skin color.

Treating Melasma Is Not Too Hard

Put Lightening Cream On Your Unbalanced Skin

Alternative number 2 would be applying lightening cream on your unbalanced skin. The cream will make the uneven color look like the majority of your face. Get your fingers and dig into the cream. Then, put the cream on the exposed area. Cover the entire area and wait. Wait about 15 minutes to an hour. This would be something I suggest you do at night. In the day you got some many things you got to do. Doing this at night would save you a lot of headache. Use the best skin lightening cream for melasma to get better performance. Better performance means faster time for the cream to work.

Take Tetinoin Medication

Not interested in option 1 and 2, then you can take tetinion pills to get your uneven skin colors to balance themselves. The pills increase the rate your dead skin cells fall off your face. Meaning, your face will have new skin on it a whole a lot faster. New skin is what you need to get rid of the burned skin that melasma caused. Take some tetinion each week and you should be see results on your skin soon. Very important, make sure you take a look at the instructions on the tetinion bottle to know how many pills you can take. Taking too many pills can cause you die. Too much healing power causes pain. The golden rule of any drug.