When Do You Exfoliate Your Face?

How do I exfoliate?

For better skin, you need to exfoliate skin daily. It is an important thing to do for better glowing and healthy skin. Everyone exfoliates differently, as the skin of men and women is different, so the repetition of the exfoliation is also varied.

In this article, we are discussing how you should exfoliate and can be the other aspects that you need to consider while exfoliating your face.

When Do You Exfoliate Your Face?

Do you exfoliate then cleanse?

There are two different approaches that people use for exfoliation and cleansing. It is first to cleanse and exfoliate, and another one is cleansing after exfoliation.

  • If you exfoliate first, then cleanse after then, it has multiple benefits as when you are going to exfoliate first, then it helps you to pull out the dirt and impurities along the dead skin cells. Cleansing afterward helps you also to wipe out those mini particles of the scrub left behind after doing the process of exfoliation.
  • In the case if you first cleanse, then it will help you to get clean skin for exfoliating and removing the dead skin quickly and provide you healthy brightening skin. It is the most common approach which is practiced by millions of people while doing skincare.

According to a study, both of these methods of exfoliation and cleansing are appropriate. An individual can try both of them and stick to the best face exfoliator for combination skin, which is more convenient for your skin type.

Is it okay to exfoliate every day?

The process of exfoliation is undoubtedly essential as it helps you to get rid of all the impurities in one go. It is also better because you don’t have to double the cleansing step. Many of the people don’t have much time to do the double cleansing step according to the ten-step skincare of the Korean self-care routine. They might choose exfoliating every day rather than going for cleansing. If you exfoliate daily, then your skin might result in the following repercussions.

  1. Causing redness: regular exfoliation can result in getting your dead skin cells to remove quickly. Using it regularly can make your healthy skin to peel off along the dead skin cells.
  2. Breakouts: people with dry and thick skin types might get breakouts over your skin. Additional use of products and inevitably lead to them having an adverse effect over your skin.
  • Itchiness and rashes: people with sensitive skin should avoid daily based skin exfoliation. It will make their skin suffer from itchiness and rashes, along with different skin problems.

Hence we can say that there is no specific guidance about when to exfoliate your skin, so you can exfoliate your skin whenever you need it. It will be best according to the varied skin types present in this world. If you have oily skin, then you might need regular exfoliation, whereas someone with dry skin doesn’t require regular exfoliation. Hence exfoliate when you need it. Make sure you exfoliate with the best face exfoliator for combination skin, which will help you to have clear and glowing skin.

Should you exfoliate any time?

If you are having a party or event and you need to cleanse your skin urgently, then you might use the option of shedding and another process of skincare routine. But doing this on a regular base will not be beneficial for you. We all are well known for the fact that you need to moisturize and give your skin time to repair the pores from which you have pulled out the impurities. You can perform the process of exfoliation in a below-mentioned way.

  • Exfoliate at night: if you use makeup daily, then you should exfoliate your skin at night. This will help you to pull out the makeup particles from your skin. Doing the process at night will help your make up products to set right and finely in the morning. So it is helpful for your skin type, multiple beauty experts recommend I in exfoliating at night with face exfoliator for combination skin for people who make up daily it will help to repair the damage caused to your skin by applying of chemical contained cosmetics.
  • Exfoliating in the morning: if you exfoliate in the morning, then it is possible that you don’t have to go through the oily skin the whole day. According to a study in the morning, the oil production over your face is highest, so people who have oily skin can exfoliate their skin in the morning to avoid the greasy skin all day.

How do I exfoliate?

How do I exfoliate?

When you are known when to exfoliate, and on which basis should you exfoliate, then the main question which is yet to consider is that what is the right way to exfoliate your skin, so you need to determine which most suited exfoliation for your skin type is.

  • If you have oily skin, then you should be using a physical exfoliation method to exfoliate your skin. It will help your skin to get rid of excessive oil in one go.
  • If you have dry skin, then you should be going for the chemical centered exfoliation. It will help you to go nicely for better skin. It can provide your skin the needed moisture and oil extract, which can help your skin to repair by using the exfoliator for combination skin and have the best looking your complexion right.
  • Sensitive skin having people should recommend enzymatic exfoliation. It is wholly made along with natural extract, which will save your skin from all the itchiness and rashes. This will help your skin to glow and brighten and reduce the redness from your skin.

The final verdict

The final verdict for this article would be you should be exfoliating with the best face exfoliator for combination skin and according to your skin need and by considering your skin type. The process of exfoliating can help you to get a good, glowing, and healthy skin; it is because it will shed off the dull and dead skin cells, which hides your glowing skin under it.